Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Going outside is always a good idea.

  • A man smiled at me.
  • I had a chat with a dog walker about the bowel movements of seagulls and pigeons.  This was better than it sounds.
  • I got reduced washing powder.
  • Got some popcorn.
  • Made a joke with someone that works in Morrisons.
  • Was greeted nicely by someone that works there and clearly recognised me.
  • Outside smelled nice - of warm and rain.
  • Coming home is always lovely.

Monday, 4 January 2016

The kind of person who travels?

Bizarrely, this is one of those topics which actually makes me feel mildly uncomfortable.

Nowadays, travel is a huge part of the lives of so many people.  It's so easy to get a flight to some far off county, find a cheap deal, or organise a last minute trip.  It's exciting and liberating.

And I hate it.

Okay, so hate is maybe a bit of a strong word.  Dislike, perhaps.  Dislike flying, dislike staying in beds that aren't mine (and might not be clean, ugh!) and my favourite part of any trip is definitely coming home again.

The strongest feeling I get when people talk about their travels is jealousy.

I really wish I travelled.  I really wish I wanted to travel.  But, quite simply, I don't.

When I was younger, we travelled a lot.  4 different primary schools, 4 different houses, 3 different towns.  We also had lots of holidays - the Channel islands, Portugal, Spanish islands, Greece, Florida...not to mention holidays to the mainland when we lived on the Isle of Lewis.

I feel so fortunate to have had all of these experiences.  And I loved them.

I often wonder if these are the reasons for my lack of desire to travel now.  Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE to see the world.  There are so many places that sound amazing.  Maybe one day.

But for now, you know what?  Travelling just isn't my thing.

And that's OK.

And when I can have experiences like these in this country throughout the year, what does it even matter?

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


I love June.  

The start of summer, winding down at school (while also trying to cram in a million things) and finally reaching the summer holidays.

This June has included trips to Build a Bear and Edinburgh Castle, snowboarding, a cinema trip, Sports Day, a special film screening and a P7 barbecue.

This June has also been extra specially special.  

Bridesmaid dress shopping for a best pals wedding, 2 engagement announcements from 2 of my oldest and bestest pals and celebrating 2 of my oldest (heehee) pals turning 30.  And a special cake and balloons from my work friends - 30 days before my 30th!

Can't wait for July :) 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Change of season

I love the change of season.  

I love when spring turns into summer and I don't need to wear a jacket to walk to work.

I love when summer turns to autumn and the leaves fall from the trees and autumn colours appear everywhere.

I love when autumn turns to winter and the nights get shorter and there's an air of excitement as Christmas approaches.

But I perhaps love the change from winter to spring most of all.

I love being able to open the window and let winter escape.  I love coming out of hibernation, lighter nights and from work in the daylight.  I love spring cleaning, hanging washing outside to dry and going to and making fun summer plans.

We're not quite there yet, but spring is coming.  I can smell it :) 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Dear Scotland

If you live in or near Scotland, you're probably talking about the upcoming independence referendum.

You probably have strong opinions on whether to vote yes or no, and are likely doing your best to influence the decisions of others, whether you're aware of it or not.

Maybe, like me, you've never talked politics before in your life, yet you find yourself having heated conversations and debates over dinner with close friends.

That's great.  It's good to be passionate about something, especially something as important as deciding the future of our country. 

You know what's not great?  The way in which we're sharing this passion.

Aggression, violence and threats, from both sides of the debate, is not how we're going to get through this, and get our points across.  It's no longer discussions between friends, but arguments between strangers.  I dread to think what would happen if we still had another 3 months before the decision was made, instead of 3 days.  There wouldn't be a country left to fight for.  We are falling to pieces already.  

After Thursday, we still have to live with our friends, neighbours and colleagues, regardless of the outcome.

Independent or not, we're still going to be Scottish.  Let's not damage the pride and honour that come with being from Scotland by fighting with each other while trying to fight for or against our independence.  

This is such an important part of our history, and we are very fortunate to be a part of deciding Scotland's future.

On Thursday, let us all vote, and be justified in our opinions.  Let's know that, whatever the outcome, the majority of us made that decision. 

And let's act in a dignified manner, whether we're happy with the result or not.

I'm not great with words or politics.  But I love Scotland.  I will continue to love it, yes or no thanks, and I really, really hope that what's left by next weekend will still be worth loving.  

Sunday, 10 August 2014

End of the holidays!

Well, this is it.  I can't actually believe that's the end of the holidays!  My flat isn't as tidy as I want it to be, I haven't packed my bag or put out my outfit for tomorrow or made my lunch.  I have those back to school butterflies that I really thought would have disappeared as I embark on my eighth year of teaching.  And, already, I am starting to miss the holidays, and I am feeling quite emotional as Ii write this.  WHAT a lovely six weeks I've had, probably the busiest holiday ever!  And I loved every minute :)

6.  I went to Stobo Castle.

For my birthday, my mum took me to Stobo for the day.  Now, I am not the biggest fan of spa days (particularly the walking around in a dressing gown thing) but OH MY GOODNESS I loved Stobo!  It was so relaxing and peaceful.  We had a delicious 3 course lunch, an exfoliating mud wrap and a facial which, had I not been on holiday, would have definitely sent me to sleep, so relaxing.  Plus, chilled (or boiled) in the outside hot tubs.  It was such a lovely day and I want to go back every week.  Thank you again, mammy :)

Look!  Dressing gowns!

Feeding the ducks is hard work
7.  More time with the babbies.

It's quite unusual, but so fab to have seen my niece and nephew (and their parents, obviously!) so much in such a short period of time.  May, twice in July and then they're coming again in the next couple of week.  I love these kids more than anything in the world, and they have definitely made my whole holiday.  

Pretty in pink

Playing with Daddy's old trains

8.   Taking in Glasgow and the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

I didn't get tickets for the games (I'd rather watch paint dry than any kind of sport) but the atmosphere in Glasgow was just fab!  We also chose a very sunny afternoon for our spontaneous trip, which made it even fabber :)

We started out with cocktails in the sun!

Then we headed off to Glasgow Green, which was full of things to see.

And got our picture taken with Clyde, obviously.  

Also had a lovely night #Jenspotting while watching the closing ceremony!

9.  Spending more time with my pals!

Often, I disappear from the radar during term time, so it was lovely to just have time for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, coffees and drinks and catch ups a-plenty!  I always vow that I will get better at this as the year begins...maybe this time it will actually happen??  I have the best friends in the world, anyway :)

Can't believe these are the only other friend pictures that I took!

Also got to hang out with this cutie and her mummy :)

10.  And, that thing I shouldn't do in the holidays...

Made resources, printed, laminated, cut things out, went into school, organised my classroom, threw things out, cleaned up mess...so therapeutic!  Because this:

If only...!

Summer 2014, you have been amazing.  I loved you, and I am so tired as a result of never being bored in six whole weeks.  Now, I am looking forward to the 2014-15 session, seeing all my work pals and meeting my new class :)

Monday, 21 July 2014

Halfway through the holidays!

I often wonder how I manage to fill these six weeks of holiday each year, especially when there are no major events, like weddings or babies arriving, to structure my whole holiday around.  I go back to work and feel a bit unsure about how I filled my days and worry that I've wasted it.  So, now that I'm halfway through I thought it would be a nice time to reflect on some of the lovely things I've done :)

Look at the shiney :)
1.  I went to see the Kelpies.  

Until recently, the only awareness I had of the Kelpies was what I saw when driving by them on the motorway.  Usually, I get a good look at because all the cars in front of me slow down when they pass (which makes me a bit ragey.) But the new Helix park in Falkirk was quite lovely.  Complete with pretend beach, boat trip (that is about 5 metres long...the actual trip, not the boat), huge horse heads and SUNSHINE, it was a lovely day :)

Lone Kelpie.  Eyeing up the peoples for lunch.

Very pretty stones on the fake beach.

 2.  Adventures with my favourite baby cousin.

We went on a tram.  All the way to the Gyle.  Then crossed the road and came right back.

He taught me how to make loom bands.  And now I am one of the cool kids.

We went to the National Museum of Scotland and looked at some old stuff.  And, of course, played in the race car thing.  We had a picnic, meals out, watched Harry Potter, ate popcorn and had lots of time for chats and games.  Don't get any older, wee boy!

3.  Adventures to Northern Ireland.

My little niece and nephew are soon to turn 1 and 3.  I love these little people so so much, and am delighted that I am able to see them this often over the summer months.  I had a lovely few days visiting them, having cuddles, going for walks, picnicking, playing, counting and taking photos.  Only a few days until they're here for more cuddles!
My wee bro and his boy :)

4.  Road trip the the Lake District.

Myself and a couple of my worky pals took a pretty spontaneous trip to the Lake District, and stayed in a tiny wee village called Pooley Bridge.  When we arrived, it was such a lovely day and everything just looked beautiful.  We took a boat trip on Ullswater Lake.  

Beautiful sunset

Look at how delicious (my) dessert was!!

Then we went for dinner in Penrith, had a wee wander, didn't get too lost and ate some yummy food!  

The next day, we went for a drive and got a bit lost.  We took my car ON THE FERRY(!!) across Lake Windermere, and then went to visit Beatrix Potter's cottage (and saw the real Peter Rabbit.)  There were a lot of Chinese tourists...
Note the umbrellas by the door.  It was pretty wet...

Then it was time for the trip back up the road, which involved driving down tiny country lanes behind a bus that thought it was double the size that it really was...luckily, it also involve Krispy Kremes and Starbucks :)

5.  Hanging out with my pals

It's quite sad, because I have managed to see so many of my lovely pals, yet have hardly taken any pictures!  There was cocktail party (with delicious frozen cocktails and chocolate cake!), a football party...with, thankfully, not too much focus on the football!  I had a trip to Glasgow to see one of my bestest teacher pals, and last night I had dinner with these lovely ladies :)  

And that's not including all the other lovely days, like spontaneous IKEA trips, 'helping' my uncle move house, a couple of very chilled out sofa days, joining the gym (and actually going!), a very fun planning sesh for next year and chilling in the sun with my mum.

Phew...I'll be glad of the rest when I have to go back to work!  What's next?